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3 Tips To Selling Your Home: Social Distancing Edition

Property Expert Nicholas Statman

If you were to ask investors six months ago if they would have to learn how to host virtual open houses or worry about the extreme sanitation process as part of their home selling, almost everyone would say no. But here we are, months into the changes brought forth by COVID-19, and investors are quickly learning to adjust their selling methods.

Investors all over the world are adapting to a virtual selling method, and using innovation and technology to help them close deals in a brand new way. If you’re planning on moving forward with buying and selling properties during these rapidly changing times, here are three things you need to know about selling your home virtually.

Social media is your friend

Most property agents learn quickly that social media is their friend when it comes to buying, selling, and investing in property. An active social media presence not only helps you connect with the community but also helps to expand your reach and get your property in front of as many interested buyers as possible. 

During a time when people are spending a lot more time connecting with friends and family on social media, your Facebook and Instagram platforms can be critical in selling your property virtually. Tools such as Instagram stories, Facebook Live, messaging apps, and other social media features help enhance your marketing strategy without having to meet anyone face-to-face.

If social media isn’t a significant part of your marketing strategy already, now is the time to focus on creating a powerful and authentic online presence to help you sell more property. 

Invest in high-quality virtual tours

High-quality pictures are great, but virtual tours take showing a home to a whole new level. Since many interested buyers may not be able to come out and physically tour the property, they’re counting on sellers to give them as much information about the property upfront as possible. Hi-tech virtual tours and 3D experiences have helped completely immerse the potential buyer in the home showing experience. They can get a better idea of the flow and layout of the home, and feel like they are there. 

Host video chats and buyer Q&A sessions

Traditionally, buyers, sellers, property agents, and investors would meet multiple times throughout the home selling process to discuss details, and ask or answer questions. Now, the buyer still needs all of this important information, but the channels in which they receive it are a little different. Host virtual video chats with potential buyers to discuss the details of the home. This can be more personal and productive than sending multiple emails back and forth. 

You can also host virtual meetings for the community to cover topics like first time home buying, rental options in the area, or local market analysis. Just because we are social distancing doesn’t mean we have to be isolated. There are still many ways you can connect and communicate with buyers to give them the information they need to close the deal. 

Follow guidelines for in-person home showings

Some sellers are choosing to continue with the traditional home showing strategy, and adjusting their methods to make health and safety a top priority. If you are still going to allow people to tour the home, putting protective measures in place will make buyers feel more comfortable and help you do your best to reduce risks. Some things you can do to host a productive and socially distanced open house include:

  • Stagger arrival times so you don’t have large crowds of people walking through at the same time
  • Keep hand sanitizer by the front door and encourage visitors to use it when they enter and when they leave
  • Keep as many doors open as possible to reduce the need for strangers to touch doorknobs
  • Wipe down counters, light switches and other commonly touched surfaces between visits

The Takeaway 

Selling property and closing deals requires creativity, innovation, patience, and quick decision making. Now more than ever, sellers are finding new ways to market their properties, serve the buyers in their areas, and close deals all while being mindful of social distancing. 

As we continue to navigate our communities amidst the uncertainty, use the technology available to create virtual content that will help you sell your property quickly and connect with the buyers in your community in a more high-tech way. 

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